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"I thoroughly recommend NZ WPI from Professional Whey to other senior weight trainers."

I reluctantly retired in 2012, aged 65, and found the adjustment very difficult.  My work as a labourer on construction sites was physically demanding, but I thrived in this environment.

The following year, during the winter of 2013, I realised that a sedentary lifestyle was not compatible with, possibly, another 20 years of healthy living.  The recent weeks of inclement weather had severely restricted my customary outdoor pursuits of cycling and jogging.  As a result of this inactivity, a distinct loss of muscle tone and quite a degree of weight gain were very evident.

Subsequently, I joined a local gym and signed up for a 3 month trial.  Aside from the anticipated health and social benefits, I enjoyed the weight training so much that, when the trial period expired, I promptly paid for a full year membership on the spot.  Since I attended most mornings, the only problem I encountered was muscle gain and recovery.  I raised this matter with several personal trainers, all of whom suggested their preferred brands of protein supplements, (Musashi, Dymatize and Optimum Nutrition).  I tried all with varying degrees of success.  Quite by chance, another senior gym member advised me that his choice of protein was NZ Whey Protein Isolate from Professional Whey.  My first purchase was in July 2014 and the results produced, in muscle mass together with strength and physical endurance, have been better than I thought possible and I am now another devoted convert to this outstanding product.

I thoroughly recommend NZ WPI from Professional Whey to other senior weight trainers for both muscle gain and recovery.  You will certainly achieve your desired results.

Use It or Lose It – Remember Health is Wealth.

By DL, Heidelberg, VIC

"I must say the quality is exceptional and second to none"

Having what I would consider plenty of experience purchasing online I felt compelled to give a review of Professional Whey. I recently purchased Organic Vanilla Powder, WPC and Organic Cacao Powder, I must say the quality is exceptional and second to none. I had several questions to which I directed to them by Email and to my surprise I received emails back within 10 minutes. I dont expect this all the time but it is nice to know that you are doing business with a first rate Team who are pro active.

I highly recommend this Company to those people who want quick delivery, great products packaged nicely and excellent communication between buyer and seller.

I will definitely be a repeat customer.

By BS, Merrylands, NSW

"You supply a fantastic product and its combined with great service"

I just wanted to thank you for another faultless transaction.  You supply a fantastic product and its combined with great service. 
I will be continuing to purchase your products and several of my clients have done so as well.
I will be placing a link to your website on mine.

By Adam Holloway, Owner - Complete Personal Training Studio, Bald Hills, QLD

"Your customer service and shipping times are unbelievable"

Just had to leave feedback as your customer service and shipping times are unbelievable compared to others out there.
I asked for a few recommendations on products and received a quick helpful reply.

I then proceeded to purchase the products. I ordered at 10am and received them the same day. I have never had that happen so thanks guys.

Will definitely be a repeat customer.

By BL, Emu Plains, NSW

"The best online shopping experience I've ever had"

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a job well done.

I recently made my first purchase from you and it was quite possibly the best online shopping experience I've ever had.

From the ordering itself to the communication during the delivery process everything was top notch. The website is simple and easy to navigate, the delivery tracking email was absolutely hilarious (based on that email alone I would have continued shopping with you and have shown it to many friends and colleagues) and the package arrived within 24 hours! I ordered Sunday afternoon and it arrived Monday afternoon. Absolutely amazing service.

We Aussies are usually pretty quick to complain when things are not as we expect them the so I wanted to take the time to congratulate you on a job well done.

Thank you again and so long until my next order (shouldn't be far away now!)

By SN, Parramatta, NSW

"Very prompt delivery"

Hi Guys, I received the order today - very prompt delivery.

I have already made up a shake just using a hand shaker rather than blender. I have to say it mixed perfectly. I have been using Balance WPI for some time now & it never really mixes very well in comparison to your wpc. I also loved adding the vanilla & cinnamin. Also no bad stomach reaction which I have experienced from a different brand of wpc.

By TB, North Sydney, NSW

"Received my purchase today within 24hrs"

I received my purchase today within 24hrs of placing my order. AMAZING!

I have been using your products for some time now and find your WPC product the best on the market to date. What I like about your products are the fact they are in there purest form and you & only you know what you are putting into your body.

As a boxing trainer I will be recommending your WPC & WPI to my clients. I will be trying your BCAAs next and if it follows your protein products.

I will also be recommending it to fellow enthusiasts.

Thanking You

By WK, Smithfield, NSW

"Pure, healthy, unadulterated products available"


I received my order yesterday afternoon, very fast indeed so thank you and I also wanted to say how great it was to find your website where there were pure, healthy, unadulterated products available at reasonable prices.  I have been researching protein powders for a while (cant understand why your site didnt come up earlier) and was getting very frustrated by all the fillers, sweeteners (many touted as healthy such as fructose) and flavourings there were.  Both my kids had a shake this morning and loved it which was music to my ears!

Thank you again.

By CT, Leichhardt, NSW

"Pleasant experience, the products look and taste great!"

I just want to thank you.

My first order with you was completed and delivered in about 28 hours.

Given that I am in the Blue Mountains that is some great and speedy service from you and your delivery company.

Thank you for such a pleasant experience, the products look and taste great! You will definitely be getting my business again and recommendations as well.

By MM, Wentworth Falls, NSW

"Very pleased with the products you have to offer"

Hey guys just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site and your products. I only found out about it a couple weeks ago and already Ive ordered 5 products. The quality is amazing and the cheapest price around just puts the icing on the cake.

Im a big believer in putting natural nutrition in the body so Im very pleased with the products you have to offer. I recieved my bag of WPC and dextrose which im really happy with and surprised how well it tastes naturally. Ive just finished ordering miscellar cassein, coconut oil, stevia & vanilla powder cant wait to get into that.

Anyway keep up the good work guys!

By YF, Kippa-Ring, QLD

"I shall be recommending you to others"

My order arrived the other day.  I am very happy with the quality and service from professional whey. 

I shall be recommending you to others looking for the same product at a fair price.

By MG, Redbank Plains, QLD

"The protein and natural flavour have really surpassed my expectations"

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with both the quality of your product and the impeccable service I have received. The protein and natural flavour have really surpassed my expectations and I was surprised that it tastes far better than the overpriced and overhyped rubbish I have been taking for the last 10 years. You have made a repeat customer out of me and I will be recommending you to all of my friends and training partners.

Many thanks

By JS, Arundel, QLD

"Buying in bulk from professional whey and the savings are huge"

Here is some feedback for you and your customers. I just ordered more than $1000 of stock and am very happy. As a long timer user of supps, i have only recently discovered buying in bulk from professional whey and the savings are huge in the long run. My order consisted of:

Maltodextrin - Used before. Great price.

Dextrose - New supp but have wanted to try for a while. Still gotta test more to see results.

Palatinose - New supp. Have wanted a preworkout carb for a while. Only early days of testing but i think i notice more muscular endurance and less fatigue during my workouts which are all high weight, low rep.

Vanilla flavouring - Different to the synthetic vanilla used in protein powders. Im still getting the quantity of vanilla + natural sweetener ratios right but after chewing thru countless kilos of natural WPC (that i got from elsewhere at a more expensive price) the addition of sweetness and flavour for a small price is a nice improvement.

Cinnamon flavour - Same story as above, still getting the ratios right but a nice flavour.

Micellar casein - Killer price. 1st time using natural MC and i love it. Mixes very easily which i was impressed with.

Beta alanine - Have used this for a while and totally swear by it. No lactic acid burn, more strength, more reps. Bundle this with creatine and some nitric oxide product and caffeine to train harder for longer.

I already have creatine, whey, BCAA, cacao, glutamine and natural sweetener otherwise i would have bought them as well. Next time my order will be even bigger! Thanks!

By DN, North Lakes QLD

"Cheaper through your online store than I could find in shops"

Just a note to say thank you for the prompt delivery of the protein powder I recently ordered. Communication was fantastic and the product quality is excellent. The protein powder was cheaper through your online store than I could find in shops.

By JGM, Olinda, VIC

"Delivery time is always a nice surprise"

Just wanted to congratulate you again on your business, products are second to none, and the delivery time is always a nice surprise.

By NC, Broadbeach, QLD

"Amazed at how efficient your organisation is"

Hey, Guys....a note of congratulation.!!

Im amazed at how efficient your organisation is and how good the communication has been. Since the reply to my asking a question a few days ago, to the response after placing an order today, PW has been fantastic.

By CL, Highton, VIC

"You know you've got the right stuff"


I bought 500g Micronised Creatine Monohdrate, 1kg Palatinose and 3kg WPI.

My first day loading the Creatine was also the first day I ever used WPI and Palatinose. The gym seemed easy. There was a huge difference in my energy levels. My second day of loading I realized I hadnt had enough water on my first day. Headache wasnt too bad but I was really thirsty. Again I felt like I destroyed the gym, followed by a massive swim. My third day I realized that I didnt feel sore. It was weird so I decided to try upping the intensity.

My fourth day was a day off I went on a road trip.
My second week I could see a huge overall difference. More muscle volume, everything felt easy. Some little issues with the fabled cramps though. I cleared this up with an increase in electrolytes. My third week I started to get lazy because I had achieved what id planned in the month in a week. Six pack back and everything looking like it used too. Let myself get busy, few sessions but nothing heavy.Week four saw my brother in law coming to the gym too. Still losing heaps of fat, feeling good in the gym.
By using 5g of Creatine, about 60g - 120g of WPI and 25g-50g of Palantinose daily, I cant say for sure what is doing what, but now instead of recovering in 4 days, I recover in 2 which I put down to the WPI.  I can now spend an hour in the gym lifting followed by 500m in the pool with no issues which I put down to the Palatinose.

My general thoughts are that Creatine really makes a big difference to how your body handles the strain. My next thing is getting some Carnitine and some BCAAs. At the price its a steal. It takes a long time to make a dent in 500g at 5g a day. I know a few guys who use various products, I think the words Pharmaceutical Grade are the 2 most important words for anything your thinking about taking long term. If you know what’s in it (no flavors and colors) Then you know youve got the right stuff.

And with the shipping, I had the stuff in 2 days and that was $12.

I ordered a DVD from another company at the same time. The shipping was $8 and it took 6 working days.

By NT. Bunbury, WA

"Tastes unreal"

Thanks again Guys.

Must say I love your whey with Vanilla.

Making it into a pudding mixture tastes unreal.

By NA, Deer Park, Vic

"So happy I found your store"

Hello PW

I am very impressed, and so happy I found your store.

*fast delivery: I ordered 4 Kilos of WPI/WPC yesterday, and it arrived first thing this morning.
*taste: Had my first shake on arrival, and cant believe how good protein powder tastes with out the flavours.
*mixed well: this mixed up in about 30 seconds in a shaker.
*high protein content: a lot higher than i am used to.
*very good pricing: I will never shop at health food shops again. (even with gold membership)
*helpful videos
*1-20kilo bags!

Looking forward to doing business with you again shortly. I will be ordering creatine and taurine next time also.

By MH, Manly, NSW

"As a personal trainer I will be recommending you to all my clients"

Just wanted to let you know how impressed by your service I am once again. The whole process of ordering, paying for and receiving the products is so simple and hassle free.

I put my order in Wednesday afternoon and received my items Friday morning.

As a Personal Trainer I will be recommending you to all my Clients.

By DT, Elwood, VIC

"Really good inexpensive, no frills and no BS stuff"

Just thought I would let you know I think your products are excellent, really good inexpensive, no frills and no BS stuff. I wish I could say the same about the rest of the supplement industry! (I was a bit shocked to read about chemical fillers in other protein powders.) I was put onto your store by a trainer at my gym who was sharing some bodybuilding advice with me and Ive never looked back.

Ive had so much success with your WPI and Casein powders (that new Calcium Caseinate looks good, must try that when I exhaust my bag of Micellar) that its encouraged me to give your Creatine product a go, thats also been a raging success and now I have to try the Beta Alanine as I know I wont be disappointed! I have really enjoyed reading your blog articles and its fantastic to see them so well supported by the referenced research. I have been bodybuilding seriously for about 9 months now and have seen more results in that time than the last ten years of going in and out of gyms and weight rooms and these supplements have played a big part in that.

Big thanks from a very happy customer.

By TG, Goonellabah, NSW

"As usual for you, outstanding"

48 hrs after i submit my order and i have it in my hands in kalgoorlie ! as usual for you , outstanding .

many thanks.

By TC, Kalgoorlie, WA

"Great service, delivery, feedback and interesting blog!"

Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your speedy delivery and email of concern regarding the flavour of the Stevia leaf powder (it is interestingly and obviously "green" tasting (Mmmm, chlorophyll :-) )

Thanks for your great service, delivery, feedback and interesting blog!

By RC, Yarraville, VIC

"Speediest delivery I think I have ever experienced"

Hey guys,

I just wanted to commend you on a great product, fantastic service and the speediest delivery I think I have ever experienced.

Great work. I look forward to trying more of your products.

Thanks again

By SD, Orange, NSW

"I love your companies no-gimmick attitude towards your products"

Thanks Guys.

I am so glad I found your store.  I was previously a very loyal customer at a local supplement store, however the constant inflation of their prices made me search for an alternative supplier.

I love your companies no-gimmick attitude towards your products and, most of all, your prices!

I look forward to receiving my order and making my own protein shakes with the protein/carb ratios that I chose and at a fraction of the price it would of costed me to do so if buying elsewhere.  I am already telling everyone I know to check out your website.

By SW, Rochedale South, QLD

"Very happy repeat customer"

Hi Guys

I tried the WPC, micronized creatine and micronized glutamine. All products mix easily! After tasting your WPC without any additives (flavours, texturisers, sweeteners etc) I am amazed! It tastes better that all the artificially flavoured powders I have tried. It makes my milk taste creamy and rich. And it seems to be the cheapest in Australia (although I am still getting over the price differences from the UK). Im a very happy repeat customer!

Great business model! Thanks!

By MG, Tweed Heads, NSW

"Packaging was great, so economical to store, easy to use"

Hi Guys

Thank  you, great stuff, great service! Keep it up – it’s so refreshing.

I just wanted to leave a review for others to read:

I am on a low-carb eating plan & bought the Vanilla powder & WPI (Whey Protein Isolate Powder). The WPI is supposed to be very high in protein & v. low in fat & carbs. I made a milkshake of it in the morning & didnt feel hungry for hours, so the quality is there. I also didnt have any allergic reaction - seems pure. They kept me informed re the ETA, the packaging was great (vacuum packed zip-tip bags, so economical to store, easy to use. Will I use these guys again - you bet!

By VU, Bateman, WA

"Speedy delivery and great product!"

Thanks very much for the speedy delivery and the great product!
I am trying "The Gabriel Method" which is a way to lose weight by increasing intake of nutritious food (particularly assimilable protein, omega 3s and fresh, organic produce).  I have been doing this for a month and it has had a marked effect.on controlling my appetite and cravings.  I only have about 8 kilos to lose and this method is not supposed to be a quick fix but it is very sensible.  Whey protein isolate is highly recommended and I have looked everywhere to find the unflavoured variety at a reasonable price.  I am more than happy to recommend your site and your product to others!

By AC, Milsons Point, NSW

"Quality products you supply to all us hard working athletes"

Just wanted to say thanks for the quality products you supply to all us hard working athletes. Your products are pure and you dont bullshit! Keep up the good work mate!

By RL, Petrie, QLD

"Great service quick delivery"

No Inquiry, just some feedback. I am a first time user of your product and found great service quick delivery and so far a great product.

So I would just like to say thanks.

By GR, Narangba, QLD

"The powder is excellent"

The WPI arrived yesterday, thanks for shipping it so promptly, much appreciated. Its good when things run smoothly and Im happy to say purchasing the WPI from you has been a good experience.
The powder is excellent, mixes well and has basically no taste, so its easy to take. It was quite by chance that I came across your website - and I am glad I did. Over the past 6 months I have tried all sorts of expensive WPI powders.  Its been hard to find a good quality WPI without any crap in it - so its great to get a WPI thats just natural, without any additives. I will certainly be getting more from you when it runs out. And I will happily recommend your site to people I know.

Thanks for the great service, and I look forward to doing business with you again.

By NG, Springfield, NSW

"Good to find an honest and reliable product"

I received my order today ( 2nd order to date). I just wanted to commend you on your great product and very prompt service. With so much BS flying around the industry these days it’s good to find an honest and reliable product. Happy to promote your product to my Gym buddies.

Good on ya boys

By ND, West Pymble, NSW

"You run your business with uncommon professionalism"

Thankyou so much for responding so quickly.

You run your business with uncommon professionalism. Thank again.

By SD, Kelmscott, WA

"Everyone said what fantastic customer service you have"

I just wanted to say thank you for my order I received this morning. I read all the reviews on your site before I ordered anything and everyone said what fantastic customer service you have and they were so right! I only ordered my products yesterday morning and I got them at 7.30am this morning. Thanks for all your advice and help and prompt delivery, I will be a returning customer and will definitely recommend you to my friends.

By KR, New Lambton, NSW

"You are highly recommended"

Thank you again. Received WPI in record time!! Great product, you are highly recommended. Cheers :o)

By TT, Morphett Vale, SA

"24 hours from the time I ordered it to receiving the product"

Just a quick email to say how great your service is. Yesterday afternoon i ordered some vanilla flavouring and stevia powder, it has just gone past 9am here and the parcel has already arrived, thats less than 24 hours from the time i ordered it to receiving the product. Well done.

I am half of the way through the WPI powder that i bought and find it better to take than the other protein i buy from the shops. I will definately buy from your company again.

By JC, Springfield Lakes, QLD

"You've earnt my loyalty"

Gday, my order arrived yesterday thanks. Cant tell u enough  how impressed Ive been by your service. Youve earnt my loyalty & have  no doubt your name will be passed around. Keep up the great work.

By SE, Minden, QLD

"I am 45yo now, and I feel like I'm 19yo again"

Hi again. Sorry for the random message, but I have to tell you that the Beta Alanine you sell is awesome.

Im only 2 weeks in to the 4 week loading cycle at the moment, and whilst I am training hard and getting obvious gains from that - my sustained power output has gone off the scales. I am sprinting up hills at twice my normal power output, and there is just NO lactic burn. My lungs are giving out well before my muscles overload.

Ridiculous! This has never happened before in previous seasons, and Im happy as. I am 45yo now, and I feel like Im 19yo again. The only thing I have changed since last season is adding Beta Alanine .. everything else is the same. I am truly gobsmacked.

I am very reluctant to share this secret with my mates too :)

You have yourself an excellent christmas mate.

By SC, Glenelg, SA

"Exactly what I've been looking for"

I stumbled onto your website by accident!  All the products you stock are exactly what Ive been looking for.  I cant stand the taste of artificial sweetener or flavours so you could have a long term customer on your hands here.

By BS, Elwood, Vic

"First class, top-notch, A1, AAA, Blue Ribbon"

First class, top-notch, A1, AAA, Blue Ribbon etc are all terms that spring to mind when evaluating the level of service provided by your operation.  Really though, you’ve already chosen the best way to describe it with... Professional!  Having a web query answered in under 5 mins is unheard of even for a massive company with a small army of helpdesk operators, but you manage to consistently do that.  I placed an order at 10:15am Wed 25/11 QLD time (11:15 for you) and the package arrived in QLD before I was even out of bed the very next day!  I would’ve been impressed if it arrived before the weekend...  Love your blog and product videos too – very informative.

By SR, Pacific Pines, QLD

"I will continue to order from you"

Geez you guys have quick delivery...
I ordered yesterday afternoon and it arrived today.
Thanks guys, I will continue to order from you and recommend you to all my gym friends.

By AP, Melbourne, Vic

"Superfast attention and delivery turnaround"

Hi. Just wanted to say thanks again for your superfast attention and delivery turnaround. Fantastic yet again. Friends of mine are now using WPC from PW after being astounded by the quality and price. I have even converted them to my shake recipe of WPC, 1/2 cup water, and a healthy serve of yoghurt - quickly and easily whisked together with a fork.

Take it easy and have a great day.

By AR, Taree, NSW

"Incredibly fast service"

I want to thank you for your incredibly fast service. My order was delivered this morning and I only ordered it late Monday night. This will do wonders for my repeat business.

By WP, Campbellfield, Vic

"Smoothest online transaction ever!"

Just a quick thanks as I got my order early this morning. This has been the smoothest online transaction ever! I am referring a mate of mine to you as well.

By RO, Gladesville, NSW

"Good prices and products"

Gday Guys...My review of your products…

I ordered the WPC 20KG bulk protein for the first time last Thursday night, after confirmation from your company that Ill receive the goods on Monday. Well it arrived first thing in the morning Monday. Never tried unflavoured protein before, I must say it doesnt taste that bad at all. Actually taste like skinny milk or my taste buds are totally gone comparing what others mentioned on the web. For the price and contents of the WPC, will definitely be back for more thats for sure. Excellent stuff! ;) Keep up the good prices and products.

By JF, Sydney CBD, NSW

"Extremely impressed with your level of service"

As a first time customer, I must say that I am extremely impressed with your level of service and delivery! I ordered the products on Thursday night and they were delivered before 10 on Monday morning! I have asked many questions with the answers given within the day. You have found yourself a repeat customer!! Now to get the ratio of protein powder to cacao powder right and I’ll be set. Many thanks guys.

By GW, Eagleby, QLD

"Thanks for your great customer service"

Afternoon Guys,
Just thought I would drop a line to say thanks for your great customer service. I placed my first order with you guys on Thursday afternoon last week at 3.50pm, and the product arrived today (Monday) at 7.20am. Not only that, you kept me informed at every stage of processing my order via email. OUTSTANDING! I have already been talking to the guys at the Gym about your service, so hopefully you will gain an extra sale or two.

By JD, Raymond Terrace, NSW

"Thank you for your efficient service"

I would like to thank you for your efficient service, the emails I have received keeping me updated on my order and the prompt way in which you dispatched my order - within 1 week I received 3 emails and had my protein powder in hand.  I was told about your site by a friend and most certainly was not disappointed. 

Keep up the excellent service.

By LN, Whittlesea, Vic

"Affordable and top quality supplements"

I am extremely happy with the products and service you have provided for me. I entered the Australian iron man magazine 12 week body blitz challenge 2 weeks ago. I could not have entered the competition without your affordable and top quality supplements. All the big brand stuff just cost way too much. Im also looking really good at this early stage of the comp. Thats due to my hard work and discipline, but I would not have these great results already if it were not for the professional whey supplements I am currently taking. (Supplements used - beta alanine, micellar casein protein powder, dextrose). I ordered today WPC, micronised creatine, raw cacao, stevia. The information you provide about your supplements is unmatched from any other site I have come across. Keep up the good work guys.

By JC, Calamvale, South Brisbane, QLD

"You are not wrong when you say the customer comes first!"

WOW, I didnt expect such a prompt reply at 10am on a Saturday morning! You are not wrong when you say the customer comes first!

Mate, in appreciation, I’m going to tell everyone at the 2 gyms I go to about your site, both the awesome prices and the top notch customer service so hopefully you will get a few new customers through that

Enjoy your weekend

By YV, Sydney CBD, NSW

"Takes pride in what they do and delivers on their promises"

Just a quick email to say that I received the glutamine this morning.
It is great to do business with a company that takes pride in what they do and delivers on their promises.
Thank you and I will be shopping with you again and will be spreading the word about your company.

By MP, Port Kembla, NSW

"Very impressive customer service"

Thanks - the goods have arrived in less than 24 hours and exactly what ordered. Very impressive customer service given that I am up in Port Macquarie.

By SW, Port Macquarie, NSW

"TOP prodcuts and QUALITY service!!!"

Thanks, I received my shipment. TOP products and QUALITY service!!! Definitely recommendable to my mates. Cheers!

By DH, Roseville, Sydney, NSW

"Speedy delivery!"

Thanks heaps for the speedy delivery! Can’t wait to try the WPI ......... especially with the cinnamon for breaky tomorrow along with my oats. I’m pretty certain my health will improve also with these all natural many powders out there with artificial ingredients and fillers that don’t do us any justice.

By SE, Bald Hills, QLD

"Great shopping experience, including super fast delivery"

I just received my order from you. Thank you very much for an great shopping experience, including super fast delivery. Very happy with your service. Next step will be to use your protein product.... but I am very confident that it will work the same way.

By MS, Beachmere, QLD

"Your prices are better!"

Its nice to see that someone out there still believes in customer service and backing up what they claim. Several of your competitors have promised fast delivery and failed miserably plus your prices are better!  I know who to buy off from now on. Thanks for an excellent service.

By TK, Kalgoorlie, WA

"Telling many people about your products"

I appreciate your business and just so know, I am not re-selling your products. I am however telling many people about your products and am ordering items for my friends and training partners, and are not making any profits in any form at all, I dont do that to friends.
I have made them aware of your website, however, they do not require more than 3 kg of protein at a time. Just in case you wondered why I was purchasing so much protein.

By SC, Tweed heads, NSW

"Products are unbelievable"

This is just a quick email to say thank you for the service you have offered. I placed an order yesterday after lunch time and received the parcel of whey and cocoa flavouring at 9am this morning. Your service is very effective and efficient and it’s great to see an organisation devoted to the customer. The products are unbelievable and I’m looking forward to continuing purchasing from professional whey. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

By RM, Beresfield, Newcastle, NSW

"Incredible speed of delivery"

I just wanted so say thank you very much for the incredible speed of delivery. I ordered protein last night about 10 pm and it arrived around lunch time today which is amazing. Thanks again

By LC, Lidcombe, NSW

"Your blogs have been very interesting"

Hi PW! Just wanted to say "Stevia is amazing!" Normally dont like receiving emails, but after making a purchase ,your blogs have been very interesting - and in this case Im very glad I tried the product out. Cheers!

By AS, Hobart, TAS

"Thank you so much for such a Speedy service"

I only ordered my protein this morning, and already (this afternoon) the courier has delivered it to my door! Thank you so much for such a speedy service. There is no doubt that I have found my new bodybuilding supplier - I am planning to enter into my first bodybuilding competition in September.

By LM, Ingleside, NSW

"Stoked to find a great supplier"

Hooray!! Finally I have found - A supplier of unflavoured, inexpensive, good quality whey protein concentrate. Delivered to Melbourne within 24 hours.

I have been using whey powder for over 20 years and am stoked to find a great supplier, the best part is there is no over the top cross selling like in the shops!

By MN, Bayswater, Vic

"Couldn't believe how quick it got here"

Just to let you know I have received my awesome product of wpc powder couldn’t believe how quick it got here. Thanks again.

By RP, Toowoombah, West Brisbane, QLD

"Will never purchase any other WPI other than Professional Whey"

l am a new customer and have just received my shipment of your natural WPI, Stevia and Cinnamon.

Firstly l would like to thank-you for your excellent and prompt service. Secondly l would like to congratulate you for the excellent quality of products you offer. l used your WPI this morining with my oatmeal added some Stevia and Cinnamon and WOW it was fantastic.....l cannot believe the difference in taste etc compared to the over hyped over priced flavoured artificial poison protein in the market.

l will never purchase any other WPI other than Professional Whey......because as the name states it is PROFESSIONAL and PURE.

By RS, Broadmeadows, VIC

"Excellent support for affordable products"

I am satisfied with Professional Whey. I am really surprised to get excellent support for affordable products. Immediate response, fastest ever delivery I’ve had in my eShopping experience, even consultations for usage. Highly recommended!

By PB, Brighton Le Sands, NSW

"You have found yourself a customer for LIFE!"

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for selling Whey Protein Concentrate at such an affordable price. You cant find a better price anywhere. You have found yourself a customer for LIFE! And I will be spreading the word. Keep up the cheap rates.

By PR, Macquarie Fields, West Sydney, NSW

"Oustanding service!!!"

Thanks for the email (this morning) - I received my order today around 1pm - outstanding service!!! Service is the key to customer retention; its not just about the products and pricing. Well done - when this lot runs out I willl be back for more.

By MS, St Leonards, North Sydney, NSW

"One of the only supplements suppliers that offer a no BS pure whey protein"

I have been buying protein powder for the last 4 or so years, and I have tasted many different brands and flavours, and have spent a fortune on some of the brands! In the end, I realised that I didn`t  need to spend all that money on that "fancy smanshy" protein powder that had all the additives and flavours and came in pretty colourful tubs (which we, as the consumers pay for). All I wanted was to spend my money on good quality pure protein that didn`t have all the additives that "do miracles".

After a bit of research, I found that Professional Whey was one of the only supplement suppliers that offer a no BS pure whey protein, which meant I wasn`t paying for additives, flavours and packaging that I wasn`t interested in! I know that every dollar I spend with Professional Whey pays only for the protein and not the other nonsense stuff.

After years of trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that buying Pure Whey Protein is the way to go!

By KK, Mentone, VIC

"Friendly service & unbeatable prices"

I have been buying protein supplements for over 17 years & only recently discovered “Professional Whey”. I was extremely happy with my purchase & have no doubt I would not have been able to buy the same product as cheap anywhere else in Australia. I highly recommend “Professional Whey” for their very friendly service & unbeatable prices.

By BM, Bondi Junction, NSW

"I can always find what I need at a great price!'

I love Professional Whey because I can always find what I need at a great price! Whether it`s for sports performance or general health you guys have it all! I have told my friends who are fitness freaks like me, to try your awesome products to so they don`t miss out.

I will always have you guys as my Number 1 seller and will keep purchasing my creatine and WPC from you always!!!

Thanks and keep up the best work!

By EM, Giralang, ACT
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