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Peptopro is the most advanced protein for any athlete. Peptopro is a protein which has been broken down into the small size of di-peptides and tri-peptides to aid and assist in recovery and performance. We offer it in 500g packs and available in our bulk buy discounts.

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Hydrolysed Protein


5 out of 5 stars, 6 reviews

PeptoPro is a patented hydrolysed casein protein powder that is used to assist in increased recovery and improved performance. Originally made in Holland (now made in Germany) it has the support of the Dutch Olympic Committee……Which speaks volumes of any protein powder.


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Weight: 500g
from $1,065.00

Serving Size: one scoop (20g)               Servings Per Package: 25

PeptoPro® is a patented hydrolysed casein protein that is used by many professional athletes for increased recovery and improved performance. Originally made in Holland (now made in Germany) it has the support of the Dutch Olympic Committee and is widely used by many elite level athletes.  

PeptoPro® has a degree of hydrolysis of 28-30%. It is treated with proprietary enzymes to break the protein into Di & Tri Peptides, whilst keeping intact the balanced casein amino acid profile. It consists of approximately 85% protein and is rich in small peptides; approximately 60% is smaller than 500 Daltons. Molecular mapping indicates that approx 7.5% is free amino acids, 8.5% is dipeptides and 39% is tripeptides.

PeptoPro® Profile

  • 60% has an Average Molecular Weight of less than 500 Daltons
  • High Degree of Hydrolysis at 28-30%
  • High Degree Di, Tri Peptides - more than any other Hydrolysed Protein Powder
  • Over 85% Protein (dry basis) and almost Zero Fat or Carbs

PeptoPro® is the new standard when it comes to any kind of protein supplement. As it is full of Di & Tri Peptides,  it is far superior to using essential amino acids or BCAA's.

PeptoPro® has been shown to assist with increasing physical performance, accelerate recovery from exercise and increasing the time to fatigue during exercise.

Note: PeptoPro® has a bitter taste. Most people don't mind it but if needed Stevia Extract and Dextrose do mask most of the bitterness. Also the hydrolysis creates a very microscopic fine powder which will froth when shaken, so please gently stir if you want to avoid the frothiness..

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  • Accelerates muscle recovery and repair
  • Helps enhance endurance
  • Increases the time to fatigue during exercise
  • Helps to increase physical performance

Ingredients: 100% PeptoPro® Milk Protein Hydrolysate

Typical Nutritional Information Amino Acids per 100g of Protein
Natural Per 20g Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 306 1528
Calories 73 365
Protein (dry basis) 17.1g 85.3g
Protein (as is) 16.1g 80.5g
Fat <0.1g <0.5g
- saturated <0.06g <0.33g
Carbohydrates <0.1g <0.5g
- sugars <0.1g <0.5g
Sodium 300mg 1500mg
Branch Chain Amino Acids Other Amino Acids
Isoleucine 4.7g Arginine 3.7g
Leucine 9.3g Cystine 0.1g
Valine 6.3g Glycine 1.7g
Other Essential Amino Acids Proline 10.5g
Lysine 7.3g Tyrosine 5.5g
Methionine 3.2g Aspartic Acid 6.2g
Phenylalanine 4.6g Serine 5.1g
Threonine 3.6g Glutamic Acid 21.2g
Tryptophan 1.0g Alanine 2.9g
    Histidine 2.7g

Allergens: Contains milk & dairy products.

Customer reviews

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  • 5

    elite level gear for everyone

    Posted by on 16 Nov 2015

    This is the type of product that I would expect to hear whispers about being given to elite level athletes in the backrooms of sports institutes having been formulated specially for them, and unavailable to lesser mortals. So how fortunate that we can buy it direct from PW and access what has to be the best quality intra and recovery protein available - despite the cost I can and will never go back. As for all the grumblings about the taste - bah humbug...........just mix in a scoop of flavored BCAA's and you dont even notice it - I actually like the taste if its mixed like that and the extra BCAA's can only help. Fantastic product guys, and for those on a budget you can always hit the PW Hydrolised Casein for the next best thing.

  • 5

    Locks in the pump

    Posted by on 30 Oct 2015

    As a bit of a hardgainer I've tried most of the proteins out their. Pepto Pro seems to actually lock in your pump and hold it for a few days which is awsome and wierd at the same time. To get over the taste, mix with as little water as possible and tip your head so far back that it actually runs down the roof of your mouth instead of the tounge. Then chase it with about half a litre of water. Pretty serious gear but the best I've come across. Haven't tried the dextrose.

  • 5

    Best Protein

    Posted by on 10 Sep 2015

    Be warned - this protein is extremely effective and you will see results - just prepare yourself for the taste - I see it as a small price to pay for the best protein I have used - match that with the excellent customer service of Professional Whey and you are on a winner!

  • 4

    It must be good

    Posted by on 27 Aug 2015

    This tastes like it has been poured through someones butt crack. If it tastes this bad - it must be good for you.

  • 5

    LOL on the detractors.....

    Posted by on 08 Feb 2013

    I love this stuff from my pro whey guys. The only way you will see how it works is with effort! 6-8 weeks with dedication.... and you will see the results. I LOL on BB forums that knock it due to taste. What can you say to those guys? :) Been training for 20+ yrs and know what works. This is GOOD!

  • 5

    I believe it is the king of proteins

    Posted by on 05 Feb 2012

    i have been on this product for 3 weeks and it is the best protein i have ever had put a side the price this is quality and results i would not go back to another protein ever !

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