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Large Scoop

You’ve got all the supplements and now you need to dish them out. Our large scoops are the same as the ones that come with our protein packs and hold approx 80ml. We offer bulk rates on our scoops too. You’ll save 10% for 5+, 20% for 20+, 30% for 50+ or if you need 100+ we’ll just give you a massive 40% off! Get one for all your supplements today!

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Large Scoop


Large Scoop

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Now available is our large 80cc plastic scoop. This is the same large scoop that comes included with all our 1kg protein powders, carbohydrates and oats. (However no scoop comes with the 20kg bags of protein powder)

Bulk Buy Discounts

5 or more for $0.65 each
20 or more for $0.55 each
50 or more for $0.50 each
100 or more for $0.45 each
from $0.70

This is the same large scoop that comes included with all our protein powders, carbohydrates and oats. 

So if you need extra scoops, here they are.

Note: As powder densities do differ, you can accurately measure by checking each product page for actual measures that fit into our 80cc scoop.

For use at work, home or play.


Once full, your large scoop does the talking.....

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