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Elite 3.0 Protein Blend

Elite 3.0 is a blended protein which contains 3 completely different proteins; whey, egg and casein. With 3 completely different kinds of protein you can benefit from 3 different kinds protein fractions and 3 different speeds of release to maximise recovery and performance. It's available in 1kg bags starting from $40. Bulk Buy Discounts, only apply for the same flavour unless you buy our 4kg Multi Organic Flavour Pack.

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Elite 3.0 Protein Blend

Blended Protein

Elite 3.0 Protein Blend

5 out of 5 stars, 92 reviews

Elite 3.0 is the ultimate protein blend. Made with SELECT (NZ) WPC, Free Range Egg White & Micellar Casein MPI in exactly 33.3% ratios of each, it provides fast, medium & slow releasing proteins which can be consumed anytime of the day. It also soy free and we think it is one of the most powerful protein powders on the market. 

Available in: Natural Flavour, Organic Vanilla, Organic Cacao, Organic Cacao Mint, Organic Cinnamon + 100g TRIAL PACKS.

N.B: Flavoured Elite 3.0 is $8 per kg more than the natural flavour. 1kg Vanilla is $16 more per kg. Read why here

Bulk Buy Discounts

2x1kg for $36 each
3x1kg for $35 each
4x1kg for $34 each 5x1kg or more for $33 each
10x1kg or more for $31 each 15x1kg or more for $30 each

Now Available

4x1kg Multi Organic Flavour Pack from $176

4 Pack = 1kg Cacao + 1kg Vanilla + 1kg Cacao Mint + 1kg Cinnamon

Weight & Flavour
from $40.00

Serving Size: one heaped scoop (30g)               Servings Per Package: 33

Elite 3.0 Protein Blend is the cleanest and most ethical protein blend in the world, made with Grass Fed SELECT (NZ) WPC, Free Range Egg White Powder and Micellar Casein MPI. Made up of fast, medium & slow releasing proteins in exactly 33.3% ratios of each it is also the most functional protein blend on the market.

It is designed to give you an equal blend of three of the most powerful proteins available in order to create an environment of maximising protein synthesis for you to put on lean mass or diet down. It mixes easily with the aid of sunflower lecithin as its soy lecithin free making it ideal for those wanting to avoid soy.

The Dairy proteins are from NZ and Australian cows that graze on pasture. The Egg White is Free Range and made in Belgium. It‘s full of essential & non-essential amino acids required for tissue growth and repair. The flavoured versions are made with Organic Flavours and Natural Sweeteners to also give you a delicious tasting protein shake that is free from artificial sweeteners and artificial flavours: The facts are:

  • Elite 3.0 consists of Rapid, Medium and Slow Release of amino acids into the bloodstream.
  • Contains Grass Fed Whey, Grass Fed Casein and Free Range Egg Microfractions
  • Very High Level BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)
  • Very High Protein providing 85.75g per 100g on a dry basis (Natural Flavour)
  • Low Carb with 1.5g of carbohydrate per serve. (Natural Flavour)
  • Low Fat with less than 0.84g of fat per serve. (Natural Flavour)
  • Instantised with sunflower lecithin to easily mix in water or milk
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Soy Free
  • Aids growth and repair of muscle tissue
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Inhibits muscle tissue breakdown
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Ideal for people following low-carbohydrate weight loss diet & the perfect protein for athletes.
  • Perfect to be consumed anytime of the day

Ingredients: NZ Whey Protein Concentrate, Egg Albumen, Milk Protein Isolate, Sunflower Lecithin.

Typical Nutritional Information Amino Acids per 100g of Protein
Natural Per 30g Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 479 1590
Calories 128 383
Protein (dry basis) 25.7g 85.75g
Protein (as is) 24.36g 81.2g
Fat 0.84g 2.8g
- saturated 0.6g 2.0g
Carbohydrates 1.5g 5.1g
sugars+glycans 1.5g 5.1g
Sodium 148mg 492mg
Branch Chain Amino Acids Other Amino Acids
Isoleucine 6.3g Arginine 4.1g
Leucine 10.0g Cystine 2.1g
Valine 6.9g Glycine 2.6g
Other Essential Amino Acids Proline 6.8g
Lysine 8.0g Tyrosine 4.1g
Methionine 3.0g Aspartic Acid 9.3g
Phenylalanine 4.9g Serine 6.4g
Threonine 5.7g Glutamic Acid 17.8g
Tryptophan 1.6g Alanine 5.1g
    Histidine 2.4g

Allergens: Contains milk, dairy & egg products.

Customer reviews

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  • 5

    Protein review.

    Posted by on 08 Feb 2017

    I was recommended this protein by my gym coach and have been using it for 2 yrs.
    Here are the reasons why I enjoy the product,
    1) Good tasting without that chalky finish.
    2) Easy on the pocket.
    3) Punctual delivery.
    4) My recovery seems quicker and don't feel as sore after heavy work outs.
    5) Find it works better straight after a work out.

  • 5

    Great Product

    Posted by on 26 Oct 2016

    I should start by saying I use protein to assist recovery in between cycling training and racing sessions, so I can't comment towards the building of bulk. What I can say is that I've used numerous different proteins and this one stands out for a couple of reasons:

    The first, it works. My legs feel great even after multiple back-to-back sessions. My recovery and performance becomes very noticeable against team mates the more days we string together.

    The second and a big factor for me, it doesn't give me chronic sweats after consumption. This is important for 2 reasons: 1) Reduces my chance of cramping while riding & 2) It's embarrassing rocking up to work looking like I dried my shirt in a rain forest and/or have developed boobs thanks to peck sweat.

    All up, love the product.

    PS Mixes well with water or milk & cinnamon is my favorite flavor, can't taste any mint in the cacao mint.

  • 5


    Posted by on 10 Sep 2016

    I am half way through Elite 3.0 and it has turned out too be an outstanding addition too my workout regime. This Powder is extremely clean tasting with no aftertaste.My post workout recovery has increased and I have noticed a feeling of satiety upon consuming Elite 3.0 with water ,something I have not experienced with other brands of Protein Powder often leaving me feeling hungry.

  • 5

    Unprecedented Quality.

    Posted by on 06 Sep 2016

    I am extremely impressed with the quality of professionalwhey products and Elite 3.0 is no exception. A great blend of short, medium and long-term acting proteins with no filler or rubbish in the mix. Results in a real clean taste that you know is providing quality amino acids to your body and ultimately your health, recovery and growth. Highly recommended.

  • 5

    Elite Protein Blend - 2 Years & Counting!

    Posted by on 01 Sep 2016

    Been on this protein for 2 years+ and will never change. Simply ELITE stuff, it's a ripping blend of 3 important proteins. Very clean product with no added nasty fillers. On top of all this it sits well in the stomach. Lastly, I always receive next day delivery!
    I love Professional Whey and so will you ;)

  • 5

    Simply the best

    Posted by on 06 Aug 2016

    Finally a product that is true to its word. I have tried many protein powders that have promised to be easy on the tummy but have all failed. I gave up on protein powders for a few years as I just figured my tummy could not take any type of protein powder. I have had both vanilla and chocolate in the Elite which I mix with water and I am not sure which I like the best. Not overly sweet and both have a yummy subtle flavour to them. I cannot say enough about Professional Whey as not only is the product the best but the customer service is spot on too. Don't hesitate to try this product as I did because it is worth every cent.

  • 5

    First and Last

    Posted by on 27 Jul 2016

    1st PP Ive tried, into 3rd kg and have no desire to look elsewhere. Great natural taste, smooth, easy to mix enjoy with just water, create a liquid meal smoothie, or fortify baked goods and buckwheat breakfast bowls. Just Tops!

  • 5

    Favourite protein in the world, literally.

    Posted by on 12 Jul 2016

    I've lived in a few countries over the last three years, and I keep restocking with Elite 3.0 because of its quality ingredients, affordability, and results on my workouts.

  • 5

    Best protein product

    Posted by on 27 May 2016

    High quality affordable protein powder. Different to many manufactures in that they don't add synthetic, toxic ingredients to their products like aspartame, saccharin, fructose, and artificial colours.

  • 5

    Balanced Product, Quality, Value

    Posted by on 19 May 2016

    Don't overspend on inferior or specialist products when you require a balanced protein powder for any time of the day or night. I keep coming back to Elite 3.0 for it's simplicity and value. One of my favourite meals, generally taken pre-workout, is a scoop of Elite 3.0 Organic Cacao in 50-100mL of water, poured on top of hot steel-cut oats. Delicious, anabolic bliss!

  • 5

    Overall balanced product

    Posted by on 17 May 2016

    I can't even remember what internet rabbit hole eventually led me to Professional Whey but I'm glad I got here. High quality product, with ethical ingredients, at a reasonable price. I've had the natural, vanilla, and cocoa flavours of the Elite 3.0 and they've all mixed well and digested easily. The only improvement would be that I find the vanilla to be slightly oversweetened.

  • 5


    Posted by on 29 Apr 2016

    Being a Nutritional Medicine student, I have found that products from this company, Professional Whey have been by far the best quality supplements on the market especially this Elite 3.0.
    This product over the years seem to improve more and more hence now using Free Range Egg White Powder & having more organic flavours in their range (also sucralose free!). I personally take the Natural Flavour which I mix and blend in my smoothies without being restricted to a certain flavour. Though is you're someone who is after a bit more flavour than you definitely wouldn't go wrong in buying a flavoured Elite 3.0.

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