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Creatine by Creapure®

Creatine by Creapure® is a great option for those that want to power their performance. Creapure creatine is of extremely high quality and purity which helps to improve its effectiveness. We offer 1kg packs and the more you buy, the more you save. Discounts on bulk packs start at 8% when you buy 2 packs and go up to 28% for 15 packs. Get a supply that will last at Professional Whey!

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Creatine by Creapure®


Creatine by Creapure®

5 out of 5 stars, 33 reviews

Creatine by Creapure® is made in Germany, by the worldwide leader for the purest and cleanest Creatine Monohydrates in the world. Known throughout the world as the gold standard in creatine supplements, it has a minimum 99.9% purity guaranteed and is the obvious choice if you’re looking for the best buy in creatine supplements.

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Serving Size: 1/2 tsp (3g)                    Servings Per Package: 166

Professional Whey has chosen the finest Creatine Monohydrate in the world, Creapure®, as it is the premium brand for creatine monohydrate worldwide. Creapure® is a trademarked name owned by AlzChem Germany.

Made in Germany Creapure® is produced from cyanamide and sarcosinate using the “cyanamide route” manufacturing process.

This patented manufacturing process ensures that Creapure® comes with a guarantee of a minimum of 99.9% purity with each and every batch as all the raw materials used in the manufacturing adhere to the strictest raw material specifications and use the same stringent requirements as those used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The use of high-performance technology is also used thanks to sophisticated process engineering under GMP conditions and precise chemical analysis.

Creatine is ideal for those who want to improve their power, strength, speed, recovery time and lean mass. Recent studies have also reported on creatine’s positive impact on mental performance. It is also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Studies have shown that Creatine may assist with:

  • Increasing muscular strength  (Souza-Junior et al, 2011)
  • Increasing athletic performance (Rahimi, 2011)
  • Reducing training fatigue (Kreider,  2003)
  • Accelerated muscle hypertrophy (Volek et al, 1997)

Customer reviews

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  • 5

    Works as Intended

    Posted by on 17 Apr 2016

    After Six Weeks using Professional Whey's Creapure Creatine I'm finally seeing results in my consistent stack. Calisthenics is all consistency and minor changes are noticeable, originally I was a sceptic, but, this product definitely works as intended and yields results. Highly recommend.

  • 5

    Best creatine on the market

    Posted by on 13 Apr 2016

    Mixes easily, almost no taste. 2 serves per day and I'm away!!!

  • 5


    Posted by on 13 Feb 2016

    Great product. I find that this Creatine mixes a little easier, has next to no taste, and definitely gives me a little pick me up before a workout.

  • 5

    Top 3 in Sports Supplementation

    Posted by on 14 Jan 2016

    My muscular and sporty 21 year old son considers CREATINE, L-glutamine and Protein Powders to be the secret of his success with decreasing body fat, and increasing muscle.

    This product was purchased for him as he has now been taking these 3 sports supplements from Professional Whey for 5 years or so now.

    At his age, he doesn't have a lot of money, and so he focuses on purchasing what he believes WORKS. And this is in his top 3 of sports supplements.

    PURITY IS AN ISSUE for Creatine supplements. I have read that as this is a meat-derived product, purity has been a problem that has caused a concern in the past - even deaths?

    I then discovered that this GERMAN product is considered to be the CLEANEST and PUREST in the world. And for many other supplements that might not be a concern - but when it comes to Creatine you do need to be careful.

    Professional Why has the most economical price, in our opinion for the safest Creatine product in the world.

    Stress is eliminated, and you do not feel that you are gambling with your life when you take this supplement.

    Peace of mind! It is one less thing to be stressed about when you take this supplement.

    And as a mother who purchased this for her son for Christmas - I am not going to allow him to take a risk at eating anything but a safe product. He has lived for 20 years now, and I want to see him thrive for another 20 years! :-)

  • 5

    Hey you!

    Posted by on 09 Nov 2015

    Yes you! Do you fear strength?? 'Hell no' you say??
    Then If you really want to go full beast mode, balls to the wall, full throttle, pedal to the metal, no holds barred, 6th gear, hulk smash, berserka style, kamikaze spirit bomb on your local gym's iron or sports field - then this is your creatine. Crisp and clean And NO caffeine. Take your training and energy to the next level. It ain't the most well researched supplement ever for nothin! One love!

  • 5

    5 Star Creatine

    Posted by on 28 Oct 2015

    I have tried many different creatines in my time and I can honestly say this is hands down the best ive personally come across. Its Creapure which is of course a must these days, knowing that it is micronzied and microfiltered makes me happy, I feel that i can trust the product more when i know these 2 things amongst others such as the purity and potency. If you are looking for a great true and tested creatine that is very easy of the wallet for what you get then look no further. I have been buying all of my supplements from PW for several years now and never had a problem. I love that they are an Aussie company with no bullshit! no fancy packaging, just great quality supplements!
    I take this 5g x twice a day.

  • 5

    Creapure Creatine

    Posted by on 11 Sep 2015

    Excellent product, by and far the best that I have used. I take 3gms before and after my workouts. It mixes easy and I have seen an improvement in my workouts and my lean muscle. I train 6 days a week for approx 75 minutes. I would recommend any one to use this creatine, simply the best on the market and at an excellent price.
    As a note I also use their Glutamine at 3gms before and post workout with whey protein concentrate. All are excellent products. After over 25 years of using supplements I have found Professional Whey to be the best. If I can see results at age 52, so can you. Try it before you waste cash on other inferior brands.

  • 5

    Excellent Creatine

    Posted by on 15 Jan 2015

    Good quality, cheap and shown to be one of the most studied and effective sports supplements around.
    I just take it in the morning each day mixes easy.

  • 5

    Creapure Creatine

    Posted by on 07 Oct 2014

    The best quality creatine (from Germany). Delivery was precise as usual. Creatine is the most studied supplement, the most effective, and one of the safest. I get solid strength gains from creatine and I recommend this product to anybody else who does too. It also mixes very well.

  • 5

    Best ever!

    Posted by on 11 Sep 2014

    Never had a problem with the creatine.
    It mixes in extremely well and the way I take it (with my protein) doesn't have any effects on the flavour of my protein.
    Simply brilliant.

  • 5

    Creapure Creatine

    Posted by on 14 May 2014

    Context: 29 y.o male weight training x3 + 2x interval running / week.
    Concurrent supplement(s): Professional Whey Beta Alanine (2.5g per day) taken with Creapure Creatine.
    Results: Recovery effects were immediate and noticeable. Highlight is reduced hamstring soreness/tightness. As a result of the enhanced recovery I was able to engage in higher quality training. This is all the product promises and as such I judge it to have succeeded.
    Taste: Unnoticeable when stirred into water.
    Verdict: Excellent value for money in my case considering a tasteless delivery and pronounced recovery results.

  • 5

    Would recommend to anybody.

    Posted by on 27 Apr 2014

    This creatine mixes very well, has almost no taste whatsoever and works beautifully.

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