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Egg White Protein Powder

Egg white protein powder is a great non-dairy protein option. Egg whites have been known for centuries for their clean and high protein content and now you can get that concentrated power at Professional Whey without having to crack a single egg. We offer our free range egg white protein in 1kg packs with discount available in bulk.

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Egg White Protein Powder

Non Dairy Protein

Egg White Protein Powder

4.5 out of 5 stars, 31 reviews

Egg White for many years has been the benchmark as a source of quality protein. Made in Belgium our Egg White Protein Powder has a high biological value and is also one of the very few cholesterol free, fat free,  dairy free and lactose free protein powders. And now it is from FREE RANGE chickens!

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Weight: 1kg
from $47.00

Serving Size: one scoop (20g)               Servings Per Package: 50

Egg whites have set the benchmark for quality protein for many years. 

Our Belgium Egg White Protein is made using egg whites from free range chickens which are housed in a non-caged barn/aviary which gives continuous open access to natural vegetation for the chickens to roam freely outdoors during the day and allows them to have natural behaviour.

They are also free of antibiotics and added hormones. Egg white protein is lactose, cholesterol and fat free and is even extremely low on calories. Every scoop of Egg White Protein Powder is the equivalent to eating 5 medium egg whites.

It is manufactured by one of the leading companies in the world, which utilises state of the art equipment and a unique drying process to ensure maximum nutritional retention.

It‘s full of essential and non-essential amino acids required for tissue growth and repair. It has the same nutritional value as fresh egg whites, but in a more convenient powder form and a longer shelf life. More facts are:

  • High P.E.R with a protein efficiency rating (P.E.R) of 3.9 out of 4.0 and a score of 88 on Biological Value (BV).
  • Very High Level BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and one of the best amino acids profiles for human nutrition.
  • High in Sulfur Producing Amino's which assist in anabolic hormone production.
  • Very High Protein providing 88g per 100g on a dry basis.
  • Zero Fat. Zero Cholesterol.
  • Low Carb with 0.9g of carbohydrate per serve.
  • From Free Range Chickens.
  • No added Antibiotics or Hormones.
  • Easily mixes in water and milk.
  • Pure, untouched with no fillers, preservatives or flavourings.
  • Egg White Protein Powder is lactose free
  • Every scoop of Egg White Protein Powder is the equivalent to eating 5 medium egg whites
  • Aids growth and repair of muscle tissue
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • A fantastic alternative to whey or casein as its not too fast or too slow - average 3-4 hours absorption rate

Ingredients: 100% Egg Albumen

Typical Nutritional Information Amino Acids per 100g of Protein
Natural Per 20g Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 314 1569
Calories 75 376
Protein (dry basis) 17.6g 88.1g
Protein (as is) 16.4g 82.4g
Fat 0g 0g
- saturated 0g 0g
Carbohydrates 0.9g 4.5g
sugars+glycans 0.9g 4.5g
Sodium 248mg 1240mg
Branch Chain Amino Acids Other Amino Acids
Isoleucine 6.1g Arginine 5.8g
Leucine 8.7g Cystine 2.5g
Valine 7.5g Glycine 3.7g
Other Essential Amino Acids Proline 3.8g
Lysine 6.2g Tyrosine 4.0g
Methionine 3.9g Aspartic Acid 8.9g
Phenylalanine 6.3g Serine 7.4g
Threonine 4.5g Glutamic Acid 14.0g
Tryptophan 1.5g Alanine 6.5g
    Histidine 2.3g

Allergens: Contains egg

Customer reviews

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  • 5


    Posted by on 19 May 2016

    Great alternative to whey powders for those like me that have issues with lactose.

    Mixes well I just have it with coconut water, cacao and cinammon shaken, also great in smoothies. Different taste to whey but I quickly got used to it and when mixed with cacao etc there is no residual taste (less eggy that others I've tried).

    Definitely notice a difference with recovery if I don't use it.

    No hesitation at all to recommend!

  • 4

    Good product

    Posted by on 11 Jan 2016

    The powder was delivered on time and was packaged well. It has a tendency to foam at the top and requires vigorous stirring, however this is rectified with a blender.

    The taste takes time to get used to, but adding in cacao powder or a touch of cinnamon sugar seems to work pretty well.

    It's nutritional profile is quite good, as its lower calorie count and slightly higher protein ratio than traditional whey products allows for better use in cutting.

    Overall, the powder is quite good, however it loses a star for its taste and tendency to foam when stirred.

  • 5

    Great Whey Alternative

    Posted by on 08 Dec 2015

    I've been buying this Egg White protein for nearly a year now and it mixes well, tastes ok and has a solid nutritional profile. Overall this is a good alternative to whey that provides the same benefits. Some people don't like the taste but I just mix it with some chocolate/vanilla flavouring and it tastes completely fine. I do notice a difference in recovery and strength when I'm not using this supplement.

  • 5

    Awesome Recovery nutrition

    Posted by on 05 Dec 2015

    This is a great product to consume after those long hard trail runs or tough gym sessions.
    Fast absorbing and guaranteed to deliver your BCAA'S and protein to help maximise recovery.
    Its the perfect post workout fuel. I mix it with yogurt or have it as shake with the Professional Whey "Dextrose" to replenish the calories used during an ultra run.
    I like the fact it is natural and sourced from free range chickens.
    Highly recommend as a alternative to whey or in conjunction with whey.

  • 5

    Great Protein

    Posted by on 29 Sep 2015

    This is one of the best protein shakes I have bought , being lactose intolerant I have tried many shakes and always got bloated or it will just sit on my stomach or just come back up this product blends well and goes down very well .
    That's just not the only benifit of this product it has hardly and sugar, fats and carbs. Im on my 3rd bag. I greatly recommend This product one of the best out there!

  • 4

    not for those with sensitive stomachs

    Posted by on 20 Aug 2015

    This protein powder mixes well with very little taste of egg but my stomach would churn all day after consumption, the soy protein was far easier to digest.

  • 5

    Great product and great service

    Posted by on 16 Jul 2015

    Great product as has been my experience with all products from Professional Whey. Also extremely fast service. Taste is different to the flavoured proteins, but that was totally expected and doesn't take long to get used to. Blends really easily.

    Totally recommend.

  • 4

    Took some getting used to

    Posted by on 18 Jun 2015

    I agree with other reviewers. The taste takes some getting used to at first, but I like it quite a lot now.

    I mix it with cacao and maca powder and a little stevia. Tastes yum.

    I absolutely love that this is free range too. Nice move PW!

  • 5

    Eggcellent !!!

    Posted by on 16 Nov 2014

    I loved the WPC Whey Protein Powder, but have had to cut out all dairy. This Egg White Protein tasted strange to start with... a little sour. But now I'm used to it, it's great. The fact that its made from free range eggs is even better because I can't bear the thought of supporting the caged egg industry plus I'm grain intolerant. I mix it with the Maca Powder, Acai berry powder and Raw Cacao Powder all from Professional Whey, together with half an avocado and ½ can of Coconut Milk and voila, a delicious "chocolate mousse" for breakfast. I've found Professional Whey products to be very competitively priced and good quality.

  • 5

    great alternative

    Posted by on 09 Nov 2014

    This is the perfect option for anyone wanting a paleo alternative,its cheap,packed full of bcaa,no calories,great with cacao and frozen berries plus no fillers and its free range so u know exactly what u r eating. Thanks for a great product!!

  • 5


    Posted by on 17 Sep 2014

    I am gluten intolerant, so I bake my own bread. I was using whey protein, which was good, until I became lactose intolerant. Now I am using egg white protein as the protein in my home made breads and the result is even better. I am glad I found it.

  • 1

    Just yuk

    Posted by on 15 May 2014

    Bleagh! So gross. In a shake - terrible. As scrambled egg whites - still bad. I think it could be saved if baked into protein bread or something of the like as a substitute for real egg whites. Well i now have 1kg to experiment with.

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